Wednesday, December 27, 2006

happy holidays

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happy holidays from everyone at savvy. we're on a quasi-hiatus. things are slow and in many ways we're wearing blinders. if we'd seen anything incredible we would have shared it with you, trust us. more soon, until then, we hope everyone is enjoying some much deserved end-of-year rest.

btw shoes were lovingly provided by the Goodwill on Clement and 6th Street , San Francisco, CA on 14th December 2006, just before 1 p.m.

ink-line socks may be found via

Sunday, December 10, 2006

savvy christmas party #2

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sighted: savvy christmas party, london, 8 december 2006.

we happened to have a particular obsession with the shoes, and the socks/plus fours combo. the shoes were a subject for debate all night: 'medieval?,' 'scandinavian?' 'feminine?'......well we liked them whatever they happen to be inspired by.

savvy christmas party: ms. o #2

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sighted: savvy christmas party, london, 9 december 2006.

we told you ms. o would be back. she defies the gloom of london winter with a playful burst of sunshine, faux feather hat, and a playful rainbow of ribbons which she added to the skirt. the tights are red, with a pair of purple fishnets layered on top, hence the iridescent glow.

elegance of composure

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sighted: victoria line, between green park and oxford circus, photograph snapped oxford circus, london, W1, 7 december 2006.

this lovely woman captivated us on the tube. she read a newspaper with perfect delight, smiling gently to herself and seeming pleasantly amused by the world. her silver hair is coiffed perfectly down the middle, is evenly high on both sides, swept back elegantly. the silver accent of her jewelry and the pink highlight her already stunning cheekbones and pleasant visage. she apologised for her puffy down jacket, which she admitted had not lasted as long as she had hoped. to which savvy tut tutted her for modesty, as the sweetness of her face and sleek movement radiated a long-lost elegance. one of our favorites.

late for a very important date

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sighted: wigmore street, london, W1, 7 december 2006

this poor man. savvy saw him briskly walking west on wigmore street, we turned on our heel and followed him, cornered him, and snapped. he was in the middle of apologising for having to run away as he was already late, but thanked us for the photo opp. unfortunately there was no time for a reshoot.


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sighted: the social, little portland street, london, W1, december 2006

here Hacker, lead singer of Morton Valence, is in one of his more downtempo moods, but still styling in his own casual british way. you may see him again on here, in a bright pink ruffled disco shirt.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

layering perfected #2

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sighted: wednesday 29 november 2006, sainsbury wing, national gallery, trafalgar square, london.

at first it was just about the skirt. then after a few more glances it all just "worked" in that effortless way that often eludes the rest of us. there is no "trying" here, she just "is." this look is about texture more than color. none of the colors pop, but the subtle relationships between the velvet teal, greys, blacks, and white of her shoes are somehow striking. there is also a mild play with volume around the neck, with the broad, curling lapels and large scarf. demure yet fun.

layering perfected #1

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sighted: sunday 26 november 2006, brushfield street, spitalfields market, london.

this fantastic example of lavish layering has been demonstrated by a one fabulous ms. o. she will perhaps be making more appearances on savvy, so be on the lookout.

layers include but are not limited to: white tights, raspberry knee-high latticed socks, black slip, marigold skirt, vintage kitchen apron, short-sleeved tee, pink arm warmers, white cotton printed H & M short-sleeved shirt, scarf, and a kilt (formerly worn around the waist-in younger days and warmer climes).

sunday at spitalfields #2-dior style

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sighted: sunday 26 november 2006, brushfield street, spitalfields market, london.

this sartorial gentleman kindly acquiesced to our request to photograph him. when he asked what it was for, and "savvy" was mentioned, the eyebrow-raise of recognition occurred followed by the words "the sartorialist." after discussing mutual interest in the NY blog, we parted ways, savvy being very excited at spotting our first "reader on the street." a marvelous moment indeed.

the trench is Dior in case you're wondering.

sunday at spitalfields

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sighted: sunday 26 november 2006, midday, spitalfields market, london.

this lovely lady and her bright coat stood out from all the drab winterwear infiltrating the market. note the fun cross on the back.

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apologies for our absence of late. things have been frantic in the savvy camp, combined with the fact that many londoners have yet to learn how to layer well or purchase a coat that will last them longer than 2 months of a season. the number of poorly made wool coats (most of them in houndstooth check) strutting raggedly up and down the high street is outrageously high. in addition, at least a 1/2 dozen of fabulously dressed people have declined our request to photograph them. londoners appear to have a streak of shyness which stilts the life of the online fashion blogger. but enough excuses, and on with the show....

ever your eye on the street,

savvy london

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

christian lacroix couture show, fashion in motion, V & A museum, 31 october 2006

the couture lovers among you will have already seen this collection, but Savvy got a chance to see Christian Lacroix's magical creations in the flesh thanks to the Victoria & Albert Museum's "Fashion In Motion" event held today in the Raphael gallery. here are a few of our favorite shots from our little "point and shoot" cam. the postings are in reverse order.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

the lock #1

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sighted: friday 20 october, 7 p.m., upstairs at the lock tavern, haverstock hill, london, nw1.

couple #2

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sighted: thursday 19th october, scream art gallery, near berkeley square, london, 9:30 p.m.

couple #1

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sighted: thursday 19th october, oxford street near tottenham court road, london w1, midnight.

yes her yellow pants are made of a fantastic cable knit.

west end hedgehog

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sighted: friday 13th october, 9 p.m., near leicester square at an odeon cinema screening of "an inconvenient truth." she is in fact wearing a child's "hedgehog costume" from a play, inside out. this fashionista found the "pockets" very convenient.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

covent garden vintage

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sighted: covent garden, london, tuesday 17 october 2006.

that hat

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sighted: mortimer street, london, W1, late afternoon tuesday 17th october 2006

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

short suit

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sighted: tuesday 10th october 2006, just after 3 p.m., at victoria line (southbound) transfer to picadilly line, green park. the suit was custom made for our little sartorialist in singapore.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

the stylist

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richard shoyemi-sighted haggerston, e2, london sunday 8 october 2006, 6 p.m.

Friday, October 06, 2006

old street #1

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sighted: friday 6th october 2006 10:40 p.m., old street tube station.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

another fantastic coat. bland in the front but check out the pleats! the fullness of the skirt! wow!

sighted: headed north on regent street towards the BBC, w1, london, thursday 5th october 2006, midday.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

billowing grey

this coat was just too amazing. if she hadn't been walking away from us i don't think we would have caught it.

sighted: wednesday 4th october, regent street C2 bus stop, W1, london, 5:10 p.m.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

rebel camdenite

sighted: haverstock hill, near the roundhouse, camden, 2nd october 2006, 11:50

the black sleeves (which he slashed himself) revealing the white shirt and cuffs turned us on our heels. something fantastically 'jack sparrow' about that. love the trouser length with those shoes.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

verdant underground

who says london underground is drab? his electrifying splash of green made us follow him from picadilly line to jubilee line at green park underground.

sighted: 25 september 2006, victoria line transfer to jubilee line, green park underground, early PM.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

on the concrete

thanks to fashion is spinach's 22nd september post with a link to PingMag's article on the photojournalists who document japan's street fashion scene. we highly recommend it.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

the morning after girls

sighted: buffalo bar, islington, london, wednesday 20 september 2006, late eve.

ok so this isn't a "street" shot but we couldn't get over how well the "all black" look was working on sacha, the lead singer of aussie/london band "the morning after girls." his boots were tight, pointed, beatles-esque, and his thin but tone frame pulled the whole look of wonderfully. most london rockers look too scruffy or appear to be trying to hard, this was a very natural look for him. maybe there's more style in melbourne, oz than we'd realised.

when i'm old, i wanna look like this

sighted: south kensington, london, wednesday 20th september, 5:50 p.m. this suit was positively resplendant.

that new silk dress

sighted: house party, camden road, london, nw1, saturday 16th september.
100% silk dress purchased from traid shop, holloway road, london. we adore the 80's graphics and color scheme, they both complement her asian skin and figure well. fantastic non?

supreme stripes

sighted: old street, late night, wednesday 13th september. of course the jacket is japanese, and it looked like it was silk too. absolutely marvelous, the umbrella is a bonus. what an accessory!

kick bar stylin'

sighted: kick bar, shoreditch high street, EC1, tuesday 19th september, 8:30 p.m.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

film night

jose (right) and juan (drummer of london-based band "selfish cunt" run a wee evening in the basement of kick bar, shoreditch, called "film night." they take it very seriously indeed and always look great. jose had a minor accident on his bike the other week, hence the sling.

jose brings a bit of laid-back catalonia with him to london, always pulling off those shorts so well, and his ked-like deck shoes are endearing.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

an odd shot we know, but what a cute couple. his sweater is amazing (Cosby sweater anyone?). her bag was fantastic. if the bus hadn't been ready and waiting this would have been a better shot. our apologies.

fashion school star

meet judy, student at london school of fashion. we were both in a hurry and this had to be snapped into the glare so unfortunately her feet and shoes are missing. they were fab but not as incredible as her dress, which she made, using vintage fabric found in a thrift store somewhere. go judy. we look forward to your future innovations.

sighted: oxford circus, london, wednesday 13th september 3:45 p.m.

mr. bow tie

we really loved the bow tie here. no he's not a chippendale, nor is he trying to be, but we love the absurd contradictions of the supposedly tidy posh bow tie, with an open shirt, revealing nothing more than a few whisps of hair and a white undershirt. the hair is a bonus.

sighted: late august, hackney, E8, london.

Friday, September 08, 2006

introducing bishi

we discovered bishi whilst hanging out in the back lanes of hackney milling around an art gallery. she whisked past us and everyone went 'oooh,' and so we opted to give her the royal 'snap' treatment and here she is. the jacket is one of our favorite things, and the earrings are fun too. you can keep up with bishi's fabulous activities on her myspace.

photo taken 1 september 2006, late-ish in the p.m., hackney e8, london.