Wednesday, December 27, 2006

happy holidays

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happy holidays from everyone at savvy. we're on a quasi-hiatus. things are slow and in many ways we're wearing blinders. if we'd seen anything incredible we would have shared it with you, trust us. more soon, until then, we hope everyone is enjoying some much deserved end-of-year rest.

btw shoes were lovingly provided by the Goodwill on Clement and 6th Street , San Francisco, CA on 14th December 2006, just before 1 p.m.

ink-line socks may be found via

Sunday, December 10, 2006

savvy christmas party #2

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sighted: savvy christmas party, london, 8 december 2006.

we happened to have a particular obsession with the shoes, and the socks/plus fours combo. the shoes were a subject for debate all night: 'medieval?,' 'scandinavian?' 'feminine?'......well we liked them whatever they happen to be inspired by.

savvy christmas party: ms. o #2

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sighted: savvy christmas party, london, 9 december 2006.

we told you ms. o would be back. she defies the gloom of london winter with a playful burst of sunshine, faux feather hat, and a playful rainbow of ribbons which she added to the skirt. the tights are red, with a pair of purple fishnets layered on top, hence the iridescent glow.

elegance of composure

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sighted: victoria line, between green park and oxford circus, photograph snapped oxford circus, london, W1, 7 december 2006.

this lovely woman captivated us on the tube. she read a newspaper with perfect delight, smiling gently to herself and seeming pleasantly amused by the world. her silver hair is coiffed perfectly down the middle, is evenly high on both sides, swept back elegantly. the silver accent of her jewelry and the pink highlight her already stunning cheekbones and pleasant visage. she apologised for her puffy down jacket, which she admitted had not lasted as long as she had hoped. to which savvy tut tutted her for modesty, as the sweetness of her face and sleek movement radiated a long-lost elegance. one of our favorites.

late for a very important date

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sighted: wigmore street, london, W1, 7 december 2006

this poor man. savvy saw him briskly walking west on wigmore street, we turned on our heel and followed him, cornered him, and snapped. he was in the middle of apologising for having to run away as he was already late, but thanked us for the photo opp. unfortunately there was no time for a reshoot.


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sighted: the social, little portland street, london, W1, december 2006

here Hacker, lead singer of Morton Valence, is in one of his more downtempo moods, but still styling in his own casual british way. you may see him again on here, in a bright pink ruffled disco shirt.