Sunday, December 10, 2006

elegance of composure

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sighted: victoria line, between green park and oxford circus, photograph snapped oxford circus, london, W1, 7 december 2006.

this lovely woman captivated us on the tube. she read a newspaper with perfect delight, smiling gently to herself and seeming pleasantly amused by the world. her silver hair is coiffed perfectly down the middle, is evenly high on both sides, swept back elegantly. the silver accent of her jewelry and the pink highlight her already stunning cheekbones and pleasant visage. she apologised for her puffy down jacket, which she admitted had not lasted as long as she had hoped. to which savvy tut tutted her for modesty, as the sweetness of her face and sleek movement radiated a long-lost elegance. one of our favorites.


aileen said...

she's beautiful! simple elegance, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I loved her even before your sweet account of your meeting.

TheBoyAboutTown said...

aww she is so sweet!