Tuesday, July 29, 2008


sighted: booksmith, haight street, san francisco, monday 28 july 2008.

this stunning berlin native was looking for books by barthes. she wears the poncho like a queen, so statuesque.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

praise for odd socks

one of our favorite haphazard dressing habits, the pairing of odd socks, seems to have become the pet project of a swedish sockmaker. for the moment his manufacturing consists of a set of red and green socks paired together, but we hope he will expand his color options in the near future. nevertheless, hit up the hottest next trend in footwear now at red and green socks!

Monday, July 21, 2008

cc rider fashionista

sighted: c c rider, divisadero & haight streets, san francisco, sunday 20 july 2008.

we loved her layers, her laid back attitude, and her store!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

thai style

sighted: buchanan street, san francisco, sunday 20 july 2008.

we walked past them, and then back towards them. the too-adorable mixes of red, white, and blue, complete with the union jack shoes were just too much. after we took their picture, they asked to take a picture of us! all in all a friendly exchange.

bookstore beauty


sighted: booksmith, haight street, san francisco, ca, friday 18 july 2008.

before anyone asks, it's louis vuitton. the detailing and construction of the sleeves are what really caught our attention. note how the sleeve is sewn such that the stripes are horizontal on the 'inside' of the sleeve, and vertical on the outside, for a lovely contrast in construction which is echoed again in the front pocket and elsewhere.

Monday, April 21, 2008

missionite and dog

sighted: valencia near 23rd, the mission, san francisco, april 2007.

she looked so cozy with her mustard scarf, adorable pooch, mod jacket and maroon trousers we really couldn't resist. we have to admit, her lovely vintage brogues were the first thing to catch our eye.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


sighted: 4 april 2008, de young museum, san francisco, ca.

the dynamic duo that is 'FLOC' lauren rassel & dexter simmons combine the arts of fashion design, styling, & makeup to produce their own multi-faceted yet coherent look. their stylist and design work for SF-based band von iva brought them to the de young friday evening, for the electro-band's noisepop-sponsored show. they even design and make their own spats!

new favorite trainers

sighted: de young museum, noisepop event, friday 4 april 2008.

we love the yellow & pink combo. le coq sportif.

discarded to divine

sighted: discarded to divine @ de young museum, san francisco, ca.

discarded to divine
gathers various designers (students & established) to rework/reconstruct clothes which would have been otherwise put out to pasture in a dumpster or a thrift store. these unique creations will be auctioned off at the end of april, for the benefit of the worthy st. vincent de paul society, who assist the less fortunate and homeless members of the community.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

bass girl


sighted: 6th st., austin, texas, sxsw 2008

bassist for the marvelous troubadour Ed Harcourt, our lady rocked the knee highs & hat like no one in texas. . . not to mention the red red lips.

sweetest sundress in texas



sighted: 6th street, austin texas, sxsw 2008.

Friday, January 11, 2008

sweetest candy


sighted: harajuku, tokyo, japan, dec 07.

this trio was too sweet not to snap. we particularly like the fluffy green wooly on the left, and the contrast with the electric pink tights, the pink swoosh of nikes in the middle, and the pussy bow blouse and pinafore on the right. the peace signs are a bonus.

photo credit: the delightful ms. o, aka alice obrecht, savvy london's japan/mongolia correspondent '07/'08.

savvy fruits


sighted: harajuku, tokyo, japan, december 07.

savvy's first fruits! their style is familiar to those of us who flip through 'fruits' frequently. what is interesting about both outfits is that they could also be fashioned in camden, london, the haight in san francisco, etc. such is the state of international trends these days.  however no one seems to be able to pull the overall 'look' quite like the kids of harajuku.

photo credit: the delightful ms. o, aka alice obrecht, savvy london's japan/mongolia correspondent '07/'08.

smooth sailing in harajuku


sighted: harajuku, tokyo, december 07. too smooth for school, he's cruising in fantastic shoes, has a nice break in his jeans, touch of cuff showing, a nicely detailed jacket, clever cap and nice frames.

photo credit: the delightful ms. o, aka alice obrecht, our japan/mongolia correspondent for 07/08.