Monday, April 21, 2008

missionite and dog

sighted: valencia near 23rd, the mission, san francisco, april 2007.

she looked so cozy with her mustard scarf, adorable pooch, mod jacket and maroon trousers we really couldn't resist. we have to admit, her lovely vintage brogues were the first thing to catch our eye.


love aesthetics said...

yeas the shoes are really eyecatching! nice and old!

Mer said...

oh my god, those shoes are lovely!!

la femme said...

very sweet. - Street style & Fashion weeks in Paris said...

hi hi from Paris

very cool photos and atmosphere ! great

i noticed that you like stylish people.
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if not, i kill myself ! lol

and by the way, i met Sarah Jessica Parker in Paris and... yes yes, the photos are online, as if you were there !

ps : i hop i won't have to kill myself, because my mother love me. lol

2 questions :
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let's keep in touch, drink wine, switch links or whatever and have a wonderful day !

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Monique said...

Love the shoes but I have a weakness for the dog too! Pretty sure it's a bichon frise, that's what I have and they are so loveable. Linking you!

Glowing Doll said...

Oh my god these are the best shoes in existence! I wish I could find a pair.

Your blog is cool by the way. I love street fashion.

Palbo said...

-¿Por qué viajó el primer blogger de wordpress a blogpost?

-Mirá el logo de google.

Fash Addict said...

Great outfit real understated style, and fabulous vintage shoes. But the dog is gorgeous the perfect accessory!!!