Wednesday, December 27, 2006

happy holidays

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happy holidays from everyone at savvy. we're on a quasi-hiatus. things are slow and in many ways we're wearing blinders. if we'd seen anything incredible we would have shared it with you, trust us. more soon, until then, we hope everyone is enjoying some much deserved end-of-year rest.

btw shoes were lovingly provided by the Goodwill on Clement and 6th Street , San Francisco, CA on 14th December 2006, just before 1 p.m.

ink-line socks may be found via


Anonymous said...

nice socks

savvylondon said...

check out they are the ink line nylon (but are also available in cotton). we love the VERTICAL STRIPES thank you very much-they really should stock more of these-EVERYWHERE!

Anonymous said...


Nadja B. said...

Quirky. Anyone wearing this combo will feel 'obligated' to have a happy holiday:)

Happy Holidays Savvy London.

aileen said...

that sock dreams website had me salivating and coveting pair upon pair displayed there. i might just have to save up, so i can make some purchases!

Youngest Indie said...

ONE: those are fabulous shoes

TWO: I'm soooo jealous. Christian Lacroix is my FAVORITE DESIGNER. Seriously....

*SIGH* nice blog~ :)

City Slicker said...

I WANT those shoes!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

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eurobrat said...

fab photo.