Thursday, November 30, 2006

layering perfected #2

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sighted: wednesday 29 november 2006, sainsbury wing, national gallery, trafalgar square, london.

at first it was just about the skirt. then after a few more glances it all just "worked" in that effortless way that often eludes the rest of us. there is no "trying" here, she just "is." this look is about texture more than color. none of the colors pop, but the subtle relationships between the velvet teal, greys, blacks, and white of her shoes are somehow striking. there is also a mild play with volume around the neck, with the broad, curling lapels and large scarf. demure yet fun.


Christina said...

I love her effortless style too. I love your blog so please keep the posts coming!

f said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with Christina, she's gourgeous.