Thursday, September 21, 2006

the morning after girls

sighted: buffalo bar, islington, london, wednesday 20 september 2006, late eve.

ok so this isn't a "street" shot but we couldn't get over how well the "all black" look was working on sacha, the lead singer of aussie/london band "the morning after girls." his boots were tight, pointed, beatles-esque, and his thin but tone frame pulled the whole look of wonderfully. most london rockers look too scruffy or appear to be trying to hard, this was a very natural look for him. maybe there's more style in melbourne, oz than we'd realised.


Griff said...

Jeans and boots do in fact work well.

savvylondon said...

especially those boots. very 60's but without being cliche mod like all the wannabe carnaby streeters. even though he's all in black he remains original.