Wednesday, September 13, 2006

mr. bow tie

we really loved the bow tie here. no he's not a chippendale, nor is he trying to be, but we love the absurd contradictions of the supposedly tidy posh bow tie, with an open shirt, revealing nothing more than a few whisps of hair and a white undershirt. the hair is a bonus.

sighted: late august, hackney, E8, london.


NATRIBU said...

Hi! I'm a girl from Barcelona (Spain). I love your blog!
I have another blog about women with style in the street, in Barcelona (and anothers places of Spain).
I invite you to take a look to it and if you like you could add a link to my blog in yours.
Thanks anyway.

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that it's a skinny bowtie! Love him. Is he single? ;-)

I saw your blog link via The Sartorialist, and I like your POV. The Sartorialist is great for his market, but I do like my fashion more forward and offbeat!

savvylondon said...

thanks guys! much appreciated! i like your blog too natribu, i've added you to my list of links!

and yes, the sartorialist is awesome, though he sometimes looks for different kinds of things. i admire his love of sartorial precision and uniqueness, i strive to find that in london but it's difficult. i often hang in the non-Etro suit crowds;)

S. said...

You are really finding the most fantastic details! I'm loving your blog.

savvylondon said...

thank you!