Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the poet aka 'the smirk' (with new rave accents)

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sighted: corner of balbo & wabash ave., chicago, tuesday 11 september 2007, 6 p.m.

favorite poets: ginsberg and li young lee (to name a few). sneaks: nike. recent vinyl purchases include: roxy music, depeche mode, to name but a few.

this budding poet and film artist caught our eye with his snazzy sneaks and fluoro accents. next time savvy hits chicago we'll be sure to photograph the crowd with his tree house party kids and dark wave disco.


sil said...

oh, after my own heart.

Jamie T said...

hey! i met you during the changes! it was nice meeting you/dancing/hanging out with you, I remember you took a picture of me with my two friends. I'd love to see them!

i like your blog/pictures!


[im-mature] said...

i love dem nikes!!!!

Candid Cool said...